What To Eat When You Have GERD – Check These Out!

What to eat when you have gerd

Being healthy and fit is a challenge that many people face these days. This is also because many kinds of diseases can occur in a human’s body. One of the diseases that occur to many people is GERD, a disease that attacks the stomach. This disease is when the acid stomach irritates the food pipe lining inside the body. To prevent this, people must know what to eat when you have GERD and stay healthy. 

What to eat when you have gerd

Overall, GERD is not dangerous if people can keep their style healthy. It may feel painful at first but people can get rid of it. One of the signs that people have GERD is heartburn especially after they eat a meal. If the heartburn occurs more than once a week then try to check it up. If not, then try to change your lifestyle and what you eat to prevent this. By changing what to eat when you have GERD can prevent GERD and make you healthier. Therefore, know what kinds of foods are the best for people who have GERD:

1. Fruits

All fruits are healthy for the human body but when it comes to GERD prevent eating lemon and orange. Because this will add more acid to the body which will cause the disease to become worse. Therefore, try to consume other kinds of food such as apple, banana or melon. These healthy fruits are not only delicious but will help prevent GERD. Make sure to add some fruits to your daily consumption.

2. Vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables contain a lot of nutrition and vitamin. But if you have GERD, then try not to eat onion and tomato for your daily food. Don’t use toppings that can also contain too much fat and acid too. Because this is can cause GERD to occur in the stomach. Try to eat vegetables like carrots, beans or green vegetables. Make sure to also clean the vegetables before consuming them.

3. Egg

One of the foods what to eat when you have Gerd is eggs. But start only with the white part and prevent the yolk which has a lot of fat. An egg is rich in protein therefore it is very healthy for the s e to keep people healthy. Make sure not to always fry the egg but boil it too. Too much-fried foods are not healthy for our bodies either. 

4. Oatmeal

Carbo is needed to add some energy to the body and make people move. However, too much carbo will just make the situation more complex if you have GERD. Therefore, choose a healthy source of carbo that is not too much. Oatmeal and whole-grain bread is an example of health carbo. People can consume them daily to get enough carbo but not too much.

5. Meat

When it comes to meat, choose a less fat type of meat for the body. Don’t choose meat that has a lot of fat and is long. Also, the way in cooking the meat is important to concern. Because frying the meat can add more fat to the meat.

What to eat when you have GERD is important to pay attention too. Because if you eat just whatever you want it will just make the disease even worse. If you have changed your daily food and heartburn still occurs then it is time to see a doctor.