The 5 Best Health Benefits Of Olive Oil That You Must Know

best health benefits of olive oil

Actually, everything around us in this world can give benefit us including olive oil. Even we usually use olive oil as the ingredient for cooking olive oil has many benefits more than just a cooking ingredient. However, not all people understand about another benefit of olive oil for health. Thus, people usually do not get other benefits of olive oil than the ingredients of food. So, do you want to know and get the best health benefits of olive oil? Here is the information.

1. As Additional Antioxidant For Our Body

Olive oil may seem like usual oil that use for cooking. However, olive oil also contains many benefits that we never expect before such as antioxidants. An antioxidant contains in olive oil can be a great substance that can reduce the risk of chronic disease in our body. Moreover, olive oil also contains fatty acids, and amounts of vitamin E and K. those substances can be the best antioxidant for our body. Except for reducing chronic disease, olive oil also decreases the risk of heart disease.

2. Contains A Strong Anti-inflammation

Except for antioxidants, olive oil also contains a strong anti-inflammation. We know that inflammation in our body can affect some chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, obesity, and driver disease. Therefore, we need anti-inflammation to minimize the risk of chronic disease in our body by consuming olive oil. Besides, the virgin olive oil also contains oleic acid which can reduce the chronic inflammation marker such as C-reactive protein or CRP.

3. A Prevention of Stroke

Stroke is also one of the chronic diseases that worried by many people. stroke is caused by the disruption of the blood flowing to the brain. However, we don’t need to worry about it. many studies say that olive oil can reduce the risk stroke and also prevent stroke. Indeed, stroke is the second most common disease that causes death in the world. Therefore, consuming olive oil is also important to minimize risk and prevent stroke.

4. Olive Oil can Protect You From Heart Disease

As the previous explanation that olive oil can reduce the risk of some chronic disease, including heart disease. Except for stroke, heart disease is also one of the most common death reasons. Heart disease is commonly caused by bad lifestyle and high cholesterol in our body. On the other hand, people are also difficult in decreasing cholesterol and have a diet. Therefore, virgin olive oil can help you to diet and against heart disease.

5. Help to Lose Weight and Treat Obesity

Almost related to the previous explanation, olive oil can help you to lose weight and decrease cholesterol. How to lose weight by olive oil? If usually, you cook by coconut oil, you can change the oil by olive oil.

Consuming olive oil may sound strange and unusual. However, there are many best health benefits of olive oil that we can take by consuming it. we must have conducted a better lifestyle and better food to keep our health.