How To Remove Chicken Skin On Armpits In Various Ways

how to remove chicken skin on armpits

Having rough armpits is a bad thing for some people. It will decrease your confidence especially when you have to wear sleeveless cloth. So, you need to know how to remove chicken skin on armpits.

There some methods you can try. From the natural to the modern way include using technology. You can choose what makes you comfortable. Below are the method choices.

Natural Methods

Nothing is better than using a natural thing to solve any problem on your body. The thing that makes some people unwilling to use it is because it needs time to make it happen. However, here are the natural methods you worth trying.

1. Using Aloe Vera

No need to be complicated on using aloe vera for your armpits. Just tear the aloe vera skin to get the gel. Apply the gel to your armpits directly, then rub it gently. You need to wait until the gel sink in. It will take the time of about 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse it with water.

2. Using Mashed Rice

You can use mashed rice as a scrub. Just take enough rice, then mash it by yourself. Don’t make it too smooth. Let it still proper for scrubbing. 

Then, mix the mashed rice with vinegar until it becomes a paste. Apply it after bathing with warm water. Just rub the paste on your armpits, then rinse.

3. Using Betel Leaves

Betel leaf is also known as a multifunction plant. It is no exception in removing chicken skin. The essential oil that it contains can kill germs and fungus.

You can still use your leftover mashed rice with mashed betel leaves. Make it a paste too to rub to your armpits.

Modern Methods

Sometimes you need something fast and have a significant effect. It is no wrong about that. So, these are the ways how to remove chicken skin on armpits with modern methods.

1. Armpit Masks

There are many brands produce armpit mask. You can get it easily from the marketplace. It is also low prices. So, this one is modern but simple to apply.

Besides removing chicken skin, armpit masks can also reduce excessive sweating. Moreover, this is also potent to get rid of armpit odor.

2. Exfoliant Serum

Glycolic acid or retinol can be a choice as an exfoliant. It can remove dead skin cells. Just apply the serum without scrub it. 

Remember that armpits skin is sensitive. So, use it according to the dose. You also still need a bit of advice from a dermatologist. 

3. Laser Hair Removal

If you need an instant result, laser hair removal is the answer. You only need one session, then the hair of the armpits will be gone. Besides, the hair growth will also be diminished.

Therefore, you can shave it infrequently. You will be far from chicken skin problem. And your armpits will be smooth and bright.

There are various methods to answer how to remove chicken skin on armpits. Some methods above are the ways you can try easily. Get the smooth armpits with the right treatment.