First Aid For Choking You Can Do

first aid for choking

When eating or drinking in a hurry, liquid food or drink can enter the respiratory tract. This will make the person cough and have difficulty breathing. Of course, this is very dangerous if left alone. Therefore, you must give first aid to the person experiencing choking. The following are the first aid for choking that you can do.

1. Give a Pat or Punch on the Back

The first aid you can do to a person who is choking is to give a pat or punch on the person’s back. The way to do this is to stand behind the person. To provide assistance, place one hand on the person’s chest. Then make the upper body parallel to the ground by bending the person’s waist.

After that, between the two shoulder blades give five or more blows using the heel of your hand. Repeat until a foreign object that has clogged out of your throat. That way the choking problem can be overcome.

2. Heimlich Maneuver for Yourself

Heimlich maneuver is first aid for choking. This movement aims to remove foreign objects in the respiratory cavity. If you experience choking when alone, contact a medical expert or local emergency number immediately.

Then, you can do an abdominal urge to expel objects that are clogging the throat. Place your fist just above your belly button. Hold your hand with the other hand and bend with a hard surface such as a table or chair. Push your fist in and up.

3. Heimlich Maneuver For Pregnant Women or Obese People

Pregnant women and obese people have different body shapes from ordinary people. In addition, the handling of women should not be careless because if one can endanger the baby. To maneuver this Heimlich position your hand slightly higher than with a normal Heimlich maneuver.

The exact position is at the base of the sternum, just above the lowest ribcage. Continue by pressing hard on the chest with a quick push to maneuver Heimlich. Repeat until food or other blockages come out.

4. Heimlich Maneuver on A Fainting Person

If someone chokes unconscious then you must give first aid for choking to that person. The trick is to position the person to lie down and place the heel of your hand just above the waist. If there is a blockage in the back of the throat, you can reach the blockage with your finger to your mouth.

Do not try to insert a finger if you cannot see the object. And make sure not to push food deeper into the airway. Start CPR if the object remains nested and the person does not respond after you take the steps above.

5. Heimlich Maneuvers in Infants Under 1 Year of Age

First aid for choking for infants under the age of 1 is to perform Heimlich maneuvers on the baby. The trick is to place the baby face down on your arm. Hold the baby’s neck and head with your hands carefully. Then in the middle of the baby’s back give a gentle but firm pat five times using the heel of your hand.

Avoid hitting babies on the back of the head by keeping your fingers pointing up. If the child is 1 year old and more aware, just push his stomach. Avoid damage to internal organs or ribs by not using too much strength.

That was the first aid for choking you can do. Every person with different conditions must get different treatment. Therefore you must be careful when giving first aid.